Información COVID-19

Estimado Huésped Valorado,

En este momento de incertidumbre con la progresión del brote de COVID-19, ParqueTropical Puerto Rey le asegura que su seguridad y comodidad siguen siendo nuestra máxima prioridad. A continuación encontrará una actualización de lo que estamos haciendo para garantizar las máximas precauciones para su bienestar cuando se quede con nosotros.

* Please note that our restaurant will be closed until further notice, however a limited menu will be available at the bar.

Clean & Care Campaign

In this pandemic and global fight against Covid-19, we have stepped up precautionary measures to ensure that our hotel is a welcoming sanctuary for guests. Complementing mandatory preventive measures by government authorities and hygiene accreditations, we have launched the “Clean & Care Campaign.” which establishes exhaustive measures that focuses on all touchpoints of any interaction to ensure that every stay with us is safe, clean and comfortable and that the well-being of our employees are safeguarded.  

Measures under the campaign include: 

We clean our hotels rigorously to ensure a comfortable stay for guests by implementing key elements of cleanliness and safety. 

We care for employees by introducing additional measures that have been undertaken to create an environment that ensures their safety and well-being. 

We welcome our guests with the same warmth, eagerness and hospitality that we have always been known for. All our employees stand united and are fully committed towards overcoming these trying times together. We  continue to review processes and procedures to ensure all areas meet our requirements in real time. We remain committed in placing the safety and wellbeing of our guests and employees as a top priority. 

Updated: 24 June 2020

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